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No audio after Nougat update


My BLU Vivo XL2 which I’ve had for under a year received an update to Android 7.0. I welcomed the new look and feel until a day later I realized I was unable to hear anything during outgoing calls.

Searching online yielded no solution to the problem and the feeling of dread started to creep in. I remained calm and decided to do and deep dive though my apps to see what had changed during the update. That’s where I happened upon the “Carrier Services” app which I’ve never seen before.

Checking the permissions of this app revealed that they; Camera, Location, Microphone, Phone, and Storage; were all disabled. Enabling the permissions for Microphone and Phone resolved my communication issues.


Disabling Carrier Services only rectified the issue briefly. By the following day the issue was back again. I tried a solution posted on ifixit.com which seems to have gotten the job done. This “fix” required disabling Say “OK Google” any time. This is done by going to:

Settings >> Google >> Search >> Voice >> Voice Match

Keeping my fingers crossed with this fix.